Songs to Maze by: GAME OVER (Room 24)

This is the end, beautiful friends.* The final puzzle point has been awarded; no further Cluemasters will be crowned. In light of White Raven’s recent announcement that the gamification of MAZE on Into the Abyss is now at an end, it seemed fitting to do a playlist for MAZE’s Game Over room-the Abyss itself, Room … Read more

Songs to Maze by: Room 23

How about this heat, eh? Baseball, sunshine, thunderstorms-if there’s a summer room in MAZE, then Room 23 is it. Here’s your playlist! “I’ll Follow the Sun” by the Beatles Let’s start with the blindingly obvious. The correct door to take in here is the Room 8 door, which is bathed in sunlight and has a … Read more

Mazes and obsession go together like pots and hats

If you are at all interested in Kubrick’s The Shining, hedge mazes, and mania in general, check out this video, in which that guy from MythBusters gets annoyed about an inaccurate recreation of the hedge maze model from the movie and decides to make his own.

The Riddle of the Guide: Donald Trump’s Solution

PART I The Guide, this guy-have you seen this guy?The “Guide,” they call him, well, maybe that’s what he calls himself.I don’t know, I don’t see much guiding out of this guy.This guy-you want to talk about somebody with problems, the Guide-can we just call him the Minotaur, folks?Can we do that?I mean, who are … Read more

See Ape Nose

This is an 1896 engraving of an ape. (I could not find out the name of the artist.) Does it look familiar to you? What do you think-could this image have been Manson’s reference for the ape in Room 38? I mean, an ape profile is an ape profile is an ape profile, but it … Read more

Songs to Maze by: Room 21

We just finished solving a White Raven hint for Room 21 and the answer was “turn around.” I’m still not sure what I think about the solution, but the room playlist now practically writes itself! Here are my picks to accompany your musings on Room 21, in no particular order: “Turn the Beak Beat Around”, … Read more

Poisson (rouge) d’avril

Dear Christopher Manson: If you are reading this then you have seen my blog and you know that I’m a huge fan, so let’s take the gushing and fawning as read, shall we? Mr Manson, it has now been one year and one day since my (terrible) first post on the Abyss. During that time … Read more

Happy Prologue Day

Happy Prologue Day to all Mazers! Perhaps better known as Pi Day, March 14 (of course) is the day on which to celebrate all things mathematical, and especially pi in all its irrational glory. Should your notion of celebration include imbibing cocktails as you recite your times tables, solve differential equations, or memorize pi to … Read more

Songs to Maze By: The Guide

In a departure from my usual practice of providing you with a soundtrack for a room or area in the Maze, this month’s playlist is dedicated to the Guide. “Sympathy for the Devil” by the Rolling Stones “Pleased to meet you/ Hope you guess my name/ But what’s puzzling you/ Is the nature of my … Read more