How will I know it’s really you?

I know what you’ve been worrying about, because I’ve been up nights about it as well. If you meet another Mazer on the street, or in an online chat, or in a lucid dream taking place in the Loop – HOW WILL YOU KNOW THEY ARE LEGIT? Aside from a sallow complexion and dark eye … Read more

A Maze Suite by Hello Gregor!

I don’t know if you’ve heard of Patreon, but for bossy people who harbour Medici-esque aspirations without the benefit of Medici-esque cash flow (people like myself, in other words) it is a dream come true. Therefore, I was thrilled to become a patron of Hello Gregor-a name you probably remember from early Mazecasts and the … Read more

Happy American Thanksgiving!

I’m Canadian, and we do Thanksgiving in October for some reason that I’m too lazy just now to investigate. But I did want to take a moment to wish our American Mazecasters and friends a very happy American Thanksgiving, and to share what may become a new Thanksgiving tradition in my family: Maze dioramas! Here’s … Read more

A maze in the shape of a house

I made this house-shaped maze when I was 11. I have to admit, it was not inspired by Maze but by a one-page maze in an Usborne puzzle book. I copied the idea and the style, but the layout was my own. Looking at it now, I can see that it is not a very … Read more

SCP yeah you know me

When you look at Maze a lot you start to see hidden numbers everywhere. Who but a Mazehead would spot the numbers cleverly concealed in these drums?

Songs to Maze By: Room 13

What better day to reflect on Room 13 than Friday the 13th? In this recurring feature, Songs to Maze By, I’m going to visit each room to propose a brief playlist for your listening pleasure while stuck in various rooms in the Maze. This room seems an appropriate place to start – I have a … Read more

Saints, sinners, scissors…

… and Starbucks. I try to be a saint and support the local independent coffee places, but the Starbucks is sooo much handier. So sometimes, I succumb to sin. The Room 42 bear is always there to make sure I realize I’m going to hell as a result, though… or at least to Room 22.

Happy Hallowe’en

Rejoice, those of you who like your mazes in plant form as well as in book form – it’s corn maze season! Here I am hot on the scent of the next checkpoint, having elbowed my son out of the way. You can read all about it here.

The door to Room 1024

How Maze-y is this door! Come on. The hand-painted sign, the style of the digits, the monochromatic colour scheme…. There are even some mysterious patterns on the window to puzzle over, a note posted on the door, and a Mansonesque spatter of light and shadow. I watch for this door whenever I pass its location … Read more

Which half is the Maze?

Hi there. My name’s Sara, and I have a Maze problem. If you’re reading this, it’s very likely that you have the same problem. But rather than fight my addiction to Christopher Manson’s strange, gorgeous, absorbing, frustrating, brilliant book, I have decided to just give in to it completely. I recommend this approach to you … Read more