Round table chat 2

After the warm reception our inaugural roundtable chat had, we decided to follow up with a discussion of Room 21, and SP’s unusual theory about the bird in it.

<sp> its really no stretch to say the bird is a stork
<sp> or at least could be
<vewatkin> Well, he seems to have gone out of his way to add features that make it not look like a stork
<aria> I think it’s actually sort of impressive that he managed to draw birds that don’t match any actual birds very well
<sp> i knew you were going to say that
<sp> it was a trap
<sp> because now im going to say there are a billion other things that are “slightly” off
<sp> how can you not let his drawing a stork/not stork slide but still believe there is any acceptable “shoulders” finale?
<vewatkin> I’m not aware of instance like the stork where he drew something to not look like the thing he wanted you to discern it was
<vewatkin> Unless you count an eleven-tiered brick wall in 39
<aria> WHICH I DO
<vewatkin> Right, so if you’re crazy then it could be a stork
<aria> the minotaur drawing in 43 is terrible, also
<sp> but the notstork is definitely turning around?
<aria> am I missing the part why it’s important that it be a stork?
<aria> or not?
<sp> the only importance there is to it being a stork is how crazy you think it is in comparison to some of the proposed theories
<vewatkin> Crazy theories are a different issue. I’m just talking about visual interpretation of Manson’s drawings on a literal level.
<factitious> I think I missed something. Who thinks it’s a stork?
<sp> no one
<factitious> Let me rephrase.
<factitious> Why are you talking about the possibility of this being a stork?
<sp> scroll up, you’ll find out
<sp> mostly that im not saying that
<factitious> Is that just a random bird you picked? Could you have said “pigeon” just as well?
<vewatkin> He clearly couldn’t tell what puzzles were solvable, but I think he has the artistic competence to draw a stork that looks roughly like a stork
<sp> wow. ok look, it doesnt matter if its a stork
<sp> let me start again
<factitious> Vincent, can you tell me why Alex brought up storks here?
<vewatkin> I think Alex is trying to segue into questions about parenting
<sp> im saying if we take two theories, one that the bird could be a stork, one that the three objects are turning around
<sp> which is more far fetched?
<vewatkin> Stork
<factitious> The one that throws in a bird that’s not in the room, for no apparent reason.
<factitious> That seems obvious.
<factitious> Is there some trick question here I’m missing?
<sp> but why? because WR said so?
<sp> because no one thought of turning around before he said it
<vewatkin> He never said it wasn’t a stork
<sp> and now it seems like you’re seriously considering it
<factitious> Well, we were seriously considering the turning thing before WR confirmed that it’s what he had in mind, just based on his hint.
<factitious> The hint was pretty much “You know how there are basically just three objects dropped into this room? They have something in common.”
<vewatkin> Maybe he was getting at all three of them not being storks
<vewatkin> That makes storks the “odd one in”
<sp> haha fuck i should have never brought up the storks
<factitious> Maybe Manson was trying to draw storks, but his hand slipped and he drew a wrench by mistake.
<vewatkin> Ssss…..TORQUE
<aria> hahahah
<sp> haha
<factitious> That’s good! It’s a stork, minus the sound a snake makes!
<sp> solved
<factitious> Classic rebus.
<aria> HAH!
<aria> there’s even a minus sign
<vewatkin> In the style of all great solutions, the stork is depicted as not a stork because depicting it as a stork would make the solution “too easy”
<sp> hahja fuck the stork
<factitious> Alex, sorry you’re getting so much grief about this.
<factitious> Personally, I don’t think it looks like a stork, but you can keep investigating that idea if you really want.
<vewatkin> Everyone gets hung up on storks at some point in their lives
<sp> look, different storks for different folks
<sp> forks