Interview with Rami Hansenne

This interview with Rami Hansenne, author of the wonderful MAZE-inspired Daedalian Depths, was originally posted in June 2021. Thanks very much to Rami for sharing his thoughts and insights with Mazecast! After reading the interview, check out this review by Andrew Plotkin. 1. Please tell us a bit about yourself, whatever you feel comfortable sharing. … Read more

Letters from Christopher Manson

About two years ago I wrote a letter to Christopher Manson. I was feeling sad that with White Raven’s departure from Into the Abyss there was no way to speak to MAZE‘s author. What I wrote was a gushy fan letter that was mostly about how much enjoyment I’d gotten from MAZE over the years, … Read more

Raven’s White

Lyrics by Vewatkin, apologies to MJ My mom was itching for a taurean bang Boy, are you the outcome? Yes, I’m one and the same Now I believe in punishment And Poseidon’s wrath was burning that night But if you’re thinking about my labyrinth it don’t matter if your raven’s white I print a message … Read more

A Text Conversation Between Vincent and Owen Hammer

Vincent Ok, well, here we go, I’ll say something introductory and then we can assume that whatever we’re saying, or a cleaned up version of what we’re saying, will end up reproduced on MazeCast. Or maybe that was the introductory statement. In any case, I have a hard time making it to MazeCast episodes nowadays, … Read more

MAZE fanfiction?!

The inventive and engrossing novel Eidophusikon has recently come to our attention here at MazeCast. And, OK, MAZE fanfiction may not the best way to describe it, but author Jack Masters is clearly a fan of MAZE and Christopher Manson. (For proof, skip to the excerpt at the end of this post.) It’s hard to … Read more

MAZE and the Piano Storybook

A while ago, Vincent and I contributed to a Kickstarter campaign called the Piano Storybook, started by a guy who goes by Shnabubula, a name I seem unable to type without whispering it quietly to myself. (Try it: Shnabubula. Shnabubula. You won’t be able to stop.) The idea was that 100 people would each send … Read more

Let’s decorate… with MAZE!

I wanted to spruce up my “home office” (corner of the basement) a little, and occurred to me that I already have 45 pictures that I love, all ready to be framed and hung! Here’s how you can do the same thing. You will need: a new backup copy of MAZE (If you don’t already … Read more

Maybe it’s a Maze

Well, this has been a year in the making – got held up in editing, natch. This is why we never edit the ‘Casts – you’d still be waiting for Ep 1! Thanks to Greg for singing and performing, and thanks to Vincent for the lyrics. Sincere apologies to Paul McCartney. Hope you enjoy.

Tarot in the Maze

If you enjoy MAZE, there’s a good chance you are also interested in the Tarot – both are an irresistible stew of images, symbols, text, and numbers, spiced with myth, mystery, magic, and menace while offering rich possibilities for interpretation. I caught the Tarot bug early and bought my first deck at the age of … Read more

Best of MazeCast: Room 39

Getting antsy waiting for the next MazeCast episode? My recommendation is to go back and watch early episodes again. I like to do this when working on mechanical tasks and when I do I always find I learn something I missed the first time or am reminded of an idea I loved. Take, for example, … Read more