Mazecast Round table chats

Here at MazeCast, we’ve decided to hold some text-based discussions in addition to our usual video content. The intent is to cover topics that benefit from having a clear, searchable record. Our first such discussion was prompted by a post boardwalk made on Into the Abyss, about the idea that the Guide could be Theseus. … Read more

SiGNing off

This post is going to discuss a solution proposed by White Raven for Room 8. You can find his description of it here. I would like to say first that although I don’t consider this solution to be correct, I approve of it being proposed and posted. I think that solving MAZE is going to … Read more

Announcing Birdfinder

I don’t usually plug my software projects here, but this one may be of interest to MazeCast followers. As you know, Maze contains many birds. Keeping track of them all is a daunting task for the best of us. So I got to thinking: Why not let technology keep track for us? I am proud … Read more