Letters from Christopher Manson

About two years ago I wrote a letter to Christopher Manson. I was feeling sad that with White Raven’s departure from Into the Abyss there was no way to speak to MAZE‘s author. What I wrote was a gushy fan letter that was mostly about how much enjoyment I’d gotten from MAZE over the years, and how it had enriched my life through friendships and by revitalizing and deepening my interest in puzzles. I couldn’t resist talking about some of my ideas about MAZE, but I did say I didn’t expect him to respond to those or answer questions. I’ve felt strange about sharing these letters because they are private correspondence, but I did ask him in a second letter if I could share what he wrote and he agreed, only asking that I not share his address. So, finally, here they are. I have lots to say about what he wrote but for now I will leave it at that.