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Hidden images and the question of Room 43 and the Minotaur

There has been some skepticism about the inclusion of a bull’s head within the sly face in 43. Did Manson really intend it? We’ll assume for the moment that he did. There are plenty of examples of hidden images within images, some of the most classic being Giuseppe Arcimboldo’s heads composed of fruits, or a … Read more

White Raven reveals the Guide

In a self-described “anti-climactic” post, White Raven finally spilled the beans about his Guide puzzle. In Room 43, White Raven outlines the shape of a bull head concealed within the face above the door. Image courtesy of

The umbrella tells the truth!

Room 8: Umbrella tip is hidden, and handle is shaped like L (12th letter). Room 10: Umbrella points to 41. Room 42: If the three objects in the umbrella stand represent the doors on the facing wall, the umbrella corresponds to 4. The only other umbrella in MAZE is in the Prologue. * Edit: Do … Read more