Let’s decorate… with MAZE!

I wanted to spruce up my “home office” (corner of the basement) a little, and occurred to me that I already have 45 pictures that I love, all ready to be framed and hung! Here’s how you can do the same thing.

Maze craft

You will need:

  • a new backup copy of MAZE (If you don’t already have a backup copy, order two copies. What’s wrong with you.)
  • 8″ x 10″ frames (up to 45)
  • scissors
  • white paper

What to do:

    1. Check to make sure you have three copies of MAZE. Put two of them in a safe place and take a deep breath. Yes, you are going to be cutting up a book! And not just any book – MAZE! It’s okay, you’re allowed. I give you permission.
    2. Decide which rooms you want to frame. I chose 19 because I liked the idea of having Manson yelling at me to get out of the way while I’m working and 35 because it’s spoooooky.
    3. Carefully cut the pages out. Stay as close to the gutter as you can. You may prefer to rip the pages out as I did. If you do this, make sure there’s a good crease so the page will rip cleanly. Then you can use the scissors to clean up the ripped edge.
    4. Put the pages in your frames. The pages don’t fit an 8″ x 10″ frame perfectly, so you will need to cut a piece of white paper to go behind the MAZE page. My frames came with inserts with white backs and I used those. You may need to fiddle a bit to make sure the room is centred in the frame.
    5. Close up your frames and hang your pics. Enjoy!