My First Full Maze Connections Analysis

After isolating The Trap, I took another look at the diagram and came to the conclusion that what I had originally thought was The Trap, must actually be The Loop. I changed the color of any connections that went to the trap to orange, and any connections that went to the Loop to purple. After … Read more

The Solution

Last night was amazing! For the first time in the 30 years since I’ve known about Maze I was able to navigate the maze, going from page 1 to 45 and back to page 1 in 16 steps! I’ll admit that I didn’t do it by solving every page solution, but for me, drawing my … Read more

The True Trap

After going traveling through the book some more, I finally found the actual trap. There are a series of six rooms that interconnect with each other but do not reconnect back to the rest of the maze. There are many doors that lead to these rooms, but no exits (not counting the one-way trip to … Read more

The trap?

Has it been a month already? I went to Paizocon, a gaming convention during Memorial Day weekend, and it seems like all I’ve been doing with my extra time is prepping for it, or recovering from it. 🙂 Anyway, I picked Maze up again to see if I could make any more headway, and after … Read more

Houston we have a problem…

Before I get into the problem, I want to note that my copy of Maze finally arrived from Amazon, and it’s cool to finally be flipping through it’s actual pages again. The slick cover, and smell of the ink brings back memories from when I had it in high school. Also, I’d forgotten that the … Read more

Into the woods

Time to dust off the old thinking cap and take my first run into the Maze. I think for this first time, it would be prudent to scour the cover and first few pages to see if there are any perfunctory clues we can find or maybe hints as to the overall nature of Maze. … Read more

Before the beginning

So, I kind of started off by cheating… After I found Mazecast, but before deciding to blog, I was watching episodes and starting where I’m sure many people do: I built a room-connection map of the whole maze. I’ve been using a simple flowchart program for several years when I would occasionally run into something … Read more

How to Start?

I sometimes ask myself what my goals are while I’m reading through Maze. I mean, obviously there are the goals given on the Directions page, and each page has at least one goal of using the clues given on the page to find the correct doorway on the path, but in this book that is … Read more

Hey Everyone!

I’m Brent Holtsberry, a game store manager and roleplaying game community organizer in Sacramento. I recently remembered a beloved book from my high school days and did some internet searches about it. Guess what book that is? I found that you guys were podcasting (and also found Into the Abyss), and am excited about diving … Read more