Mazecast Contributors

Including: Anchorperson Smith, Aria, Beelz, Brent Holtsberry, Crouchman, Factitious, Hello Gregor!, SP, and Vewatkin


Aria’s Blog

Sara/Aria discovered MAZE as a kid and loved it. Many years later, she received a second-hand copy as a gift from her sister and that love was rekindled. She spent many hours with a large sheet of paper and the obs-us site mapping out the House but not getting beyond anything already known and published. Then, in March 2015, she found the Abyss, freaked out, started commenting, and joined Mazecast soon after.

Aria’s MAZE-related feelings
Favourite colours: black, white, sepia
Favourite rooms: 9, 19, 27, 32, 35, 39 (right now; changes weekly)
Least favourite room: 43
The Guide is the Minotaur. Period.


When Diane was eight, her grandmother gave her a copy of MAZE and told her it would be fun to solve it. She considered Diane, out of her many grandchildren, to be the best candidate for molding into a fellow puzzle solver, a warrior battling obfuscation and rescuing truth. Later Diane learned that MAZE was for all intents and purposes unsolvable, and grew up. Now she wars against puzzles, not to solve but to destroy.


SP got Maze as a 12th birthday present.

SP’s MAZE-related feelings
Favourite colours: black, white, herring red
Favourite rooms: 17, 44
Least favourite room: 45


Doesn’t even like MAZE that much. Has an annoying voice. Looks poor.

Vewatkin’s MAZE-related feelings
Favourite colours: unknown
Favourite rooms: all
Least favourite room: all