Riddle of The Maze: The Computer Game

MAZE was successfully adapted for the computer in the early/mid 90s. Retitled the “Riddle of the MAZE”, the computer game available for purchase was playable on Apple Computers. The software “The Riddle of the Maze” was available for purchase in the mid-nineties. This version was in color, had navigable, linked rooms, and had sound effects, voice acting, and limited animation.

The most interesting “new and improved” component of the computer game was the colourized art. While Manson never intended for the pictures to have colour, Interplay felt it necessary to modernize the game to be more marketable to an audience that was quite literally coming into the colour world. Computers in the 1990’s, and specifically Macs, still had a large number of SE-series workhorses out there (I know, because I had a 9 inch SE/30, one of the coolest computers I ever owned), which were monochrome (not even greyscale). The 90’s yielded better graphics for all computer throughout the decade, finally culminating with the switch to LCD. Man, I can’t say how grateful I am to progress because if I still had to use a CRT monitor today, my eyes would be fried, but I digress. Colour was in, and so was MAZE in 256. Props to Crouchman for sourcing an even later manifestation of MAZE: The Computer Game as an Android app created from the resource file of the original Interplay demo that never got released. I feel this background is necessary in case you think the colour is lame or cheasy. Well, it just fit in with the era in which it was created.

This is the audio from the game that Interplay created, that was meant to go along with each room. After each narration are the sound effects of clicked items in the respective room.