Hello Gregor & son & Room 26

Greg and his son, Wren, took some time out of their busy schedules to compose and perform an exciting and creepy song about Wren’s favourite room, Room 26. Love this choice, Wren! An important room that’s full of action and cool weird scary stuff.

Mine, mine, mine, mine
My guy up in the sign
Monsters are up there-into the stare
Shh shhlisten listen
Shh shh listen listen
One monster does not want to come up
Globes are spinning up and up
Here’s the thing that was ringing
I have a picture of a A
What are you doing up there?
That’s weird. There’s a bell on the ground.
I think it was the thing ringing behind the other door.
There’s not much people here.
This is my favorite room.
The end.