How to Start?

I sometimes ask myself what my goals are while I’m reading through Maze. I mean, obviously there are the goals given on the Directions page, and each page has at least one goal of using the clues given on the page to find the correct doorway on the path, but in this book that is designed around reading between the lines, when you read between the lines, they suggest that there may be other goals as well. After watching the podcasts that I have, I know that White Raven has verified that it is possible to find the identity of the guide. I also wonder if Manson designed other specific characters that go through the maze with you, and whether you can find any significance of who they are or any other characters that may be running around in the maze.

Also, one of the things that constantly chews at me as I read is discovering and mapping out the room connections in a visual manor so I can more easily refer to the flow of the book. While my classmates were drawing love diagrams, I had diagrams of room connections stuffed in my textbooks, mixed in with my homework. I noticed that Into the Abyss includes completed diagrams on the room connections in the book, but I now avoid them like the plague so that I can solve that puzzle for myself. I do know that the Maze connections can be organized into three main areas (the path, the loop, and the trap), though, so I want to see if I can recreate those connections (or find my own interpretations) on my own.

Lastly, I have spoiled the riddle on page 45 for myself. I’ve seen part of the podcast that went over it. I vaguely remember thinking it was impossible to figure out when I was in high school, and I don’t feel so bad knowing that no one got the answer by the end of the contest. I saw what the riddle is but don’t remember the exact word for the answer, so I’m going to try to find it on the path, once I discover the path.

Here are the goals that I’ve laid out for myself as I explore Maze:

  1. Find the shortest route from Page 1 to Page 45 and back (find the 16 steps). (Solved 5/10/15. See my blog post for that date for the solution)
  2. Map out the room connections for Maze. (try to find every room connection)
  3. See if I can figure out mapping for The Path. (Solved 5/10/15. See my blog post for that date for the solution)
  4. See if I can figure out mapping for The Loop. (Solved 6/16/15. See my blog post for that date for the solution)
  5. See if I can figure out mapping for The Trap. (Solved 6/16/15. See my blog post for that date for the solution)
  6. Create an accurate side diagram that shows which floor each room is on. (added 4/23/2015)
  7. Find the answer to the riddle from page 45 on the path.
  8. Find the clues to the correct exit for each page (aside from 24 of course).
  9. Find the identity of the guide.The Guide Infers:
    The visitors don’t notice his crown. – top of his head, or symbol of royalty? The crown of a count? A Widow’s Cap?(Added 5/1/2015)
    The visitors don’t notice his pain. From the sun?(Added 5/1/2015)
    The visitors don’t notice the fire in his eyes. – Maya Angelou reference? Is the guide a woman? The red, glowing eyes of Dracula?(Added 5/1/2015)
    I am the lesson. (Added 5/1/2015)
    The guide might have an aversion to the sun. (Added 5/1/2015)
  10. See if I can find out about any other characters in the Maze (such as the other people traveling through the maze).