How will I know it’s really you?

I know what you’ve been worrying about, because I’ve been up nights about it as well. If you meet another Mazer on the street, or in an online chat, or in a lucid dream taking place in the Loop – HOW WILL YOU KNOW THEY ARE LEGIT? Aside from a sallow complexion and dark eye circles (products of long nights in front of the computer clicking through Abyss comments or watching Mazecasts), innumerable paper cuts from flipping madly through pages, tattered notebook of solutions and battered copy of The Book itself close at hand, as well as an ability to talk about Maze minutiae for literally hours on end, there is almost NO WAY to tell a fellow Mazehead from a member of the general population. What we need is some kind of Ma(n)son-esque secret sign or handshake!

Fortunately, we have Greg/Hello Gregor on the payroll. I gave Vince/vewatkin the opportunity to set Greg a Maze-related challenge, and he rose to the occasion with an idea for solving this problem once and for all. Without further ado, I am very proud to present the Official Maze Interpretive Danceā„¢!

Everyone should get on top of learning this dance RIGHT AWAY in case you run into another Maze enthusiast and are required to prove your authenticity. I think Greg does a fantastic job in this video of teaching his solemn, dignified dance with great gentleness and patience, which is important for people like me who are still working on mastering the Chicken Dance, never mind the Macarena.

Next question: What the heck DO we call ourselves, anyway?