Mazecast Bingo

Looking for a fun way to enjoy MAZECAST with friends? Love the thrill-a-minute adrenaline rush of Bingo? Of course you are. Of course you do. That’s why we made MAZECAST Bingo just for you!

Here’s how to play.

You will need

a printer
Bingo dabbers
an Internet connection
a device for streaming video

What to do

1. Select a

MAZECAST episode to watch. It’s best to do this randomly. One method is to choose a room number and watch the MAZECAST that deals with that room. You can use this handy little tool, which I have set to generate one number at a time between 1 and 45 (inclusive) at random.

2. Print out and distribute your MAZECAST Bingo cards. There are 10 different printable cards at that link – make sure your printer is on the Landscape setting. Here’s a sample card:

Bingo Card

3. Dab the free space.

4. Start the episode and begin play. First player to get five dabs in a row vertically, horizontally, or diagonally shouts out Bingo! and wins the game.

Note: If you get through an entire episode without anyone getting a Bingo, choose another episode and keep playing!

Variations for advanced players

Variation 1: MULTI-CARD! Real Bingo pros play four or more cards at once. You can set the Bingo card generator to generate additional cards if necessary. (Follow the link and scroll up.)

Variation 2: HIDDEN LETTERS! You could branch out by aiming for X or box shapes instead of five-in-a-row, but why not make it MAZE-ier? Before play begins, one player chooses a letter that players must produce on their cards before calling Bingo. It is up to each player to decide when that letter has been formed. Everyone then argues about and votes on whether that is, in fact, an S, or just a deformed lightning bolt.

Variation 3: DRINKING GAME! Once you have dabbed an item, you drink, and must drink again whenever that item occurs in the episode. In the case of items that are consistently in frame for a certain Mazecaster, such as STANLEY GRAVES LAWYER or Alex is drunk, take a drink each time that Mazecaster appears on the large screen after the focus having been on someone else. If you miss a drink and someone notices, you have to chug.

Variation 4: MAKE YOUR OWN! Players who are already very familiar with MAZECAST can use the Bingo card generator to create their own cards! (Follow the link and scroll up.)