My First Full Maze Connections Analysis

After isolating The Trap, I took another look at the diagram and came to the conclusion that what I had originally thought was The Trap, must actually be The Loop. I changed the color of any connections that went to the trap to orange, and any connections that went to the Loop to purple. After making some adjustments to the diagram, I now believe I have a good idea about how the areas of the maze connect.

Maze Connections

Let me walk you through my analysis regarding the room connections.

Room 1, and The Abyss

There are ultimately two ways to end the maze. If you are lucky enough to escape, you will be doing so through Room 1, which is also the only entrance to the maze. If you are not so lucky, you will wander the maze until you find your way to Room 24, The Abyss, which has no exits, and will be trapped there forever.

The Trap

This subsection of the Maze consists of a series of six rooms that are completely isolated from the rest of the maze. Once you enter one of these rooms, the only way out is to The Abyss.

The Trap

The main path of the maze is riddled with links to these rooms which are designed to stealthily lead visitors down to The Abyss.

The Loop

After finding the trap, I was able to rearrange the room connections that I had previously thought were The Trap, and came up with this:

The Loop

It ends up that when you realize that the room 14 dead ends into The Trap and The Abyss, then the only viable path out from room 10, is room 41, which returns you to page 1. I am now going to claim having solved The Loop.

The Terraces

Aside from The Path, the only other group of rooms joined together with two way connections are rooms 21, 31, 19 and 44 as shown below:
The Terraces
Room 1 leads to this area, as well as several other one way connections from rooms on The Path. These four rooms are all exterior spaces that you can move back and forth between. There are only three ways to leave this small area is to The Abyss from room 21, to The Trap from room 19, and to The Loop from room 44. The only one of those exits that will allow you to escape the maze is the exit to room 18 in The Loop.

The Path

And here is the meat of Maze. In my interpretation of the path, I’ve included the 16 steps along with several connecting rooms:
The Complete Path
You can find the 16 steps of the solution in my post from May 10th. There are several rooms interconnected with this solution.
The shortest path from room 1 back to room 1 can be found through room 5, allowing you to enter and leave the maze in 5 steps. You can travel between rooms 29 and 12 on the path via room 2. Room 29 will also allow you to cut to room 8 on the path, however if you leave the Maze using either of those shorter routes, you will not reach room 45.
After reaching room 45, there are a couple of side rooms that you can move into and explore before returning to the path proper. These rooms are rooms 28 and 32, and from a design perspective, they help muddy the waters while trying to find the shortest path back to room 1.
Not shown on this map are the many, many one-way exits from The Path to the other areas of the maze.

Connection Summary

As you can see there are four discrete areas of the maze that (aside from room 1) don’t allow you to travel back and forth between them. Room 1 will allow you to travel back and forth between The Loop via room 41. Room 1 will take you to The Terraces via room 21, where you must make your way to The Loop if you wish to escape. Room 1 will lead you into The Path via room 26, and from The Path via room 20.