Poisson (rouge) d’avril

Door fish

Dear Christopher Manson:

If you are reading this then you have seen my blog and you know that I’m a huge fan, so let’s take the gushing and fawning as read, shall we?

Mr Manson, it has now been one year and one day since my (terrible) first post on the Abyss.

During that time I have had a lot of fun on that site and here on MazeCast. I’ve learned a great deal about your book but also about Greek myths and Roman numerals and the short stories of Borges. In addition, I have met many interesting and intelligent people, some of whom I now consider actual friends despite never having met them in person-a first for me-so thank you very, very much for that.

But Chris-may I call you Chris? No? Very well. Mr Manson, the other day my husband glanced at MAZE as it lay on a side table in the living room. It was not the first time he had seen the book, of course, far from it, but this time something prompted him to remark, “Why are you all spending so much time on this thing? There’s a giant red herring right there on the cover. What does that tell you?”

Perhaps he was trying to pry me away from this (let’s face it) extremely nerdy hobby but his comment gave me pause.

Has it all been a prolonged, elaborate April Fool’s Day prank, Mr Manson? Are we all just chasing rainbow trout here? Please send us a sign. A rain of fish, an umbrella, anything.

Very faithfully yours,