The door to Room 1024

How Maze-y is this door!

Mazey door

Come on. The hand-painted sign, the style of the digits, the monochromatic colour scheme…. There are even some mysterious patterns on the window to puzzle over, a note posted on the door, and a Mansonesque spatter of light and shadow.

I watch for this door whenever I pass its location in an industrial building on Dupont Street. It is a little piece of Maze that jumps out at me every time.

The best thing about the door is that you can imagine walking through it into some version of Maze that has AT LEAST 1024 ROOMS! (Actually, if the triangular number theory is correct, this mega-Maze would have to have at least 1035 rooms.)

That would keep us busy for a while.

Doorway 1024

Bonus marks: if you can find this location using Google maps (street view), you’ll see the door is OPEN, revealing only darkness inside.

Postscript: Manson has actually conceptualized a sequel to Maze that would have 100 rooms! It’s unclear whether he will ever get around to completing this project, but we can hope…