The trap?

Has it been a month already? I went to Paizocon, a gaming convention during Memorial Day weekend, and it seems like all I’ve been doing with my extra time is prepping for it, or recovering from it. 🙂

Anyway, I picked Maze up again to see if I could make any more headway, and after heading through several rooms, I noticed several loops that seem to be interconnected. So after trying to isolate which rooms they consisted of, I went to my diagram and tried to see if I could find them.

After figuring out where the connections are on the diagram I isolated this series of rooms:

Is this the trap?

I removed any links from other rooms that make a one-way trip to any of these rooms so that it is easier to see the issue here. Also, don’t mind the question mark links. I’m pretty sure that the open ceiling in room 16 and the open floor in room 33 don’t lead anywhere, but I’m not ready to totally erase them from my diagram yet.

So the issue with these rooms is that if you arrive in this area from anywhere else in the maze you will be wandering around these interconnected loops until you make your way to room 10 via room 34 and connect back with the rest of the maze.

This sounds like a trap to me! Unless I prove to myself otherwise, or get to the point where I’m checking my answers with into the abyss, and find out that I’m wrong there, I’m going to call this one solved. 🙂

In other news, I’m looking forward to meeting everyone on the next Mazecast! See all of you there!